PATH represents a new ERA of masculinity by challenging the boundaries of traditional concepts and aesthetics for men.


PATH is as contemporary menswear brand under the direction of German designer Janine Grosche [Berlin] that represents a new era of masculinity, reinterpreting men's fashion by challengingthe boundaries and traditional concepts.

By pushing the borders further PATH explores a radically different aesthetic for - but not limited to men.

The design transcends the line between avant-garde and casual wear, setting an experimental, visionaryand liberating tone.

Our philosophy is progressive: Move forward - Dare being different.




PATH pushes the concept of men’s fashion to an extent, blurring the lines of gender conventions through androgynous looks that question the relevance of traditional gender definitions.

Limiting categories such as gender, age or race, are simply not significant for us instead we focus in terms of shared beliefs and values.

The emphasis on a shared sensibility and on a collective sense of identity, between us and the people who wear PATH is important.




PATH meets at the intersection of transparency and a gender fluid, trans-seasonal wardrobe with pieces that are made fully in-house in our studio in Beijing.

PATH is [re]-shaping the way of a slow[er] fashion movement, producing only limited amounts, ‘made to order’ and customized pieces, focusing on a sustainable production cycle that starts when the product is really needed.

Our aim is to thrive towards a future of less waste and better product quality improvement by customizing our PATH products directly as wished and needed.

We encourage our customers to reach out to us when they consider buying a garment from our PATH store. This concept reflects the more direct relationship as well as connecting on a personal level.




PATH stepped away from the commercial pressure and cycle of producing one collection after another driven by a demanding fashion industry having products ready for every season.

Instead we focus on developing products that allow us to take the time to create and experiment, concentrating on a better quality product.

Our trans-seasonal collections allow to enjoy the wardrobe investments throughout the entire year, regardless of destination or agenda, prioritizing longevity over the seasonal fashion trends.

Stepping away from commercial pressure, we develop our products at our own pace regardless of what season, rejecting the conventional ways of how a fashion brand needs to operate with the willingness to break away from the conventional PATH.




‘What is done in the dark?...’, the title of the new collection by German designer Janine Grosche, refers to the belief that everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light. Contrary forces, the contrast of the darkness and the light, the yin and yang - nothing exists without the other, both principles are interconnected and interdependent.

‘What is done in the dark?...’ invites to reflect on the depth of the own subconscious mind, repressed thoughts that are hidden deep within and also the ability to heal by uncovering subconscious thought patterns to the conscious - the light.

The new collection embraces the concept of energy flow inside the human body - the Qi, the principles of matter, the infinite human mind, perception of reality as well as the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Dao, the natural way, are subject to this collection.




PATH designer Janine Grosche studied fashion design at ESMOD Berlin - International University of Art for Fashion, completing her studies in 2007. She presented her menswear graduation collection in Beijing at the 15th Hempel Award held during China Fashion Week.

Being shaped by growing up in the western world, to living and working in Beijing, Janine creates a radically different image of the East-meets-West aesthetic, which she applies to her vision of the contemporary men.

Stepping out of a well developed and established fashion scene in Europe into the
ever-changing hub of increasingly creative, but in comparison relatively young fashion scene, Janine created her own unique ‘path’, reshaping the way we look and think of ‘Made in China’.