PATH SS17.jpg


β€˜What is done in the dark?...’, the title of the new PATH SS17 collection by german designer Janine Grosche, refers to the belief that everything that is hidden will eventually be brought into the open, and every secret will be brought to light. Contrary forces, the contrast of the darkness and the light, the yin and yang - nothing exists without the other, both principles are interconnected and interdependent.

β€˜What is done in the dark?...’ invites to reflect on the depth of someone’s own subconscious mind, repressed thoughts that are hidden deep within and also the ability to heal oneself by uncovering those thoughts or unconscious patterns to the conscious - the light.

The new collection embraces the concept of energy flow inside the human body, the Qi ζ°£. the principles of matter, the infinite human mind, frequencies and vibrations of thought, perception of reality as well as the ancient Chinese philosophy of the Dao 道, the natural way, are subject to this collection.



Photography/Video: Jeff Yiu

Creative Direction: Janine Grosche

Model: Zhang Yu Hua εΌ η…œεŽ @ M Group, CN

Styling: Sabina Vitter

Make Up and Hair: Annkey