PATH X DENG is a conceptual collaboration and creative fusion of Janine Grosche (Germany), Designer of PATH and DJ BB Deng (Taiwan). Both female artists combine their expertise and bring together a new original Beijing based and Beijing-made label as a platform where fashion design meets electronic music. Each unisex item comes together with a mixtape to get you right into the mood. Enjoy!

// PATH X DENG 是由来自于柏林PATH品牌的服装设计师Janine Grosche与来自香港/台北的女DJ BB Deng共同创建的全新原创厂牌。 她们的设计主力为男女T恤衫与背心,每一个设计将会结合一段40-45分钟的DJ电子音乐混音,期待为时尚与音乐搭上完美的桥梁。

DJ BB Deng // // - JANINE GROSCHE // //