PATH is a forward-thinking menswear brand under the direction of German designer Janine Grosche [ currently living in Beijing ] that aims to represent a futuristic version of what masculinity means by reinterpreting men’s fashion as we know it. Constantly pushing the borders further PATH explores a radically different aesthetic for men, breaking with conventional norms regarding materials, construction, and expectations.




The SS’20 collection titled β€œemΒ·bodΒ·iΒ·ment” explores the concepts of masculinity, vulnerability, and wellness. The idea is deeply conceptually approached with the aim to bring awareness from being in our heads back into the body with a collection that investigates body comfort and body mapping.

Janine takes inspiration and construction elements from therapeutic garments and compression wear, diving into cross-cultural influences from her time spent in China and traditional holistic approaches to the human body like energy lines, acupuncture/ acupressure and healing .

Fused into a series of modern hybrids, her garments work with reinforced padding made of foam implants rethinking the idea of body modification and body posture, applying a subtle pressure and support to padded areas such as the back.

Other pieces take visual cues from body mapping, acupuncture and heat mapping that Janine describes as β€˜AWARE-ABLES’.

This collection interprets menswear for the awakened and conscious and represents a new era of intelligent, healing, more inclusive and meaningful clothing.

Choose Positively: Pieces from PATH are made with love – and a low environmental footprint in mind.

emΒ·bodΒ·iΒ·ment PATH SS20.png



Janine’s formation of a new hybrid combines codes from radically different worlds, ignoring the boundaries between ready-to-wear, tailoring and sportswear, setting a visionary and liberating tone with standout creations designed to make the wearer feel powerfully different.


Forever scanning the horizon for innovative approaches, Janine’s distinctive explorations of aesthetics have seen her develop a unique body of men’s fashion, constantly pushing the borders further.



Forever evolving, PATH’s fearless collections have garnered an international media attention with mentions in Vogue Italy, Hunger Magazine, Highsnobiety, Coeval - Magazine, SchΓΆn Magazine, Ignant Magazine, etc and have been worn in the past by names such as Jaden Smith.