[00.02] / 'being PRESENT is the new LUXURY'

'being PRESENT is the new LUXURY'



Photography by Jeff Yiu

Creative Direction: Janine Grosche

Models: Julia Carpenter

Fashion: PATH



The images center around the moment of being absolute present in the HERE and NOW, rather than dwelling on the past and future or being caught up by the overthinking ever worrying mind.

We came to learn that we are not our mind. That we are not our feelings. And not our body. Our body is only our temporary 'home'. We do have feelings, but we aren’t our feelings. As well as we are not our thoughts, if we don’t identify with the ego driven mind.


Anchoring our body, our feelings, and our mind in the present moment is key to free ourselves and experiencing the absolute essence of self.

This liberation stands is line with PATH’s core values of transparency and gender-fluidity.

As a contemporary menswear brand under the direction of German designer Janine Grosche Berlin, PATH represents a new era of masculinity.

By pushing the boundaries PATH explores a radically different aesthetic for - but not limited to men, setting an an experimental, visionary and liberating tone.


Our philosophy is progressive: Move forward - Dare to be different.