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PATH is a contemporary menswear brand by German designer Janine Grosche that represents a new era of masculinity, reinterpreting men's fashion by challenging the boundaries and traditional concepts. By pushing the borders further PATH explores a radically different aesthetic for - but not limited to men.


The PATH design transcends the line between avant-garde and casual wear, setting an experimental, visionary and liberating tone.


Our Philosophy is Progressive: move forward - Dare to be different.

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PATH meets at the intersection of transparency and a gender fluid, trans-seasonal wardrobe with pieces that are made fully in-house in our studio in Beijing.

PATH is [re]-shaping the way of a slow[er] fashion movement, producing only limited amounts, β€˜maDe to order’ and customized pieces, focusing on a sustainable production cycle that starts when the product is really needed.

Stepping away from commercial pressure, we develop our products at our own pace regardless of what season, rejecting the conventional ways of how a fashion brand needs to operate with the willingness to break away from the conventional PATH.